Top 10 Reasons Home Depot Sucks without Mike Shields.

10. No one around when you need an explanation on kinetic energy.

9. Sometimes in the morning Misty yells at me for talking to "Myself".

8. No one to ask when you need some information on Gay Asian Porn Stars.

7. If a Stripper needs a new car who's gonna buy it for her.

6. Without Mike's Bright white hair the store just seems less Cheery.

5. When I screw something up there is one less "Other Mike" to blame it on.

4. Sometimes now I am wearing the ugliest shirts, that never happened with Shields around.

3. You are far more likely to be referred to as "the ugly one", when shields is gone.

2. Lucky #17 just isn't as much fun.

And the #1 reason Home Depot Sucks without Mike Shields....

1.Three Words.... No Gay Jokes.