Top 10 Reasons why Non Flow-Bee Users are jealous of Flow-Bee Users
10. Because they have to make an appointment to get their hair cut.
9. They wish they had a Flow-Bee but are to embarrassed to buy one.
8. They have to pay someone to cut their hair while Flow-bee Users get it done for free.
7. All those bad 3 month old magazines they have to read while waiting to get their hair cut.
6. Because they wish they could cut their own hair too, they just don't know how.
5. Because they have only one use for their Vacuum Cleaner.
4. Because if it's 3am and they want a haircut they just have to wait.
3. Because they have to let some stranger who may or may not know what they are doing touch their hair.
2. They know in their heart that their hair just doesn't look as nice as a Flow-Bee Cut.
And the Number one reason that Non Flow-Bee Users are jealous of Flow-Bee Users....
1. They just don't understand what an amazing Invention it is.
Created By:  Mike Six