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Mike6.com Approved Entertainment

Mike6.com Monkey Page - A good idea that never quite took off, but if its late and you have had a few drinks turn off the lights, sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Letterman letters - My letters as Read by Dave a few years ago.

The Bird Incident - The Randy Johnson Pitch that Exploded the Bird. I am not for animal cruelty in any way but it was just this birds time to go and I think this is a great clip, I laughed, I cryed, I watched it over and over and....

Mike6.com Top Ten Lists - Please feel free to send me your best lists and I will post them here for the World to see.

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Friends Websites

These sites are maintained by webmasters that are not associated with mike6.com. The views expressed on these sites do not always reflect the views and opinions of me or mike6.com. View at your own risk!!!

jesuswiththeassist.com Eric's site, This site promotes Eric's believe that every time something good happens in your life that you should recognize it by saying "Jesus with the assist"
Codeorange - Ryan`s site, this guy is on the cutting edge never know what to expect, hint: Fart Machine