Top Ten Reasons to Release the Flow-bee

10. A rotating piece of Metal right next to your head and you're Ok with this.

9. Having a Vacuum Stuck on your head is Not a good look.

8. Ripping your hair out with a beater bar does not lend to a "Trendy Cut".

7. The person giving the Testimonial is missing an ear.

(Flow-beeing can be dangerous)

6. Two Words -  Bald Patches

5. This is not a proper use of a Vacuum.

4. There has never been a Flow-Bee School of Cosmotology.

3.Famous Flow=Bee Users - Cosmos Kramer of Sienfeld and Lyle Lovett.

2. Flow-Bee is actually a German word meaning "Bad Hair".

And the #1 reason to Release the Flow-Bee

1. So that Everyday doesn`t have to be a Hat Day.

List created by: Jennifer B.