In Loving memory of...

Lloyd Six

Oct. 14, 1930 - May 13, 2003


I woke up this morning to some very sad news, my mother called me to tell me that my dad had died. Lloyd Six had died, or as everyone called him "Jack" Six, almost everyone called him Jack, even me, I'm not sure why it had just always been that way he was known to everyone as Jack Six, well everyone that is except himself. What did he call himself? Well that would be "Crazy Cowboy Jack" of course, he always smiled when he said it too. I guess when I was little I probably smiled when he said it also, then I am sure there were years when I thought it was stupid or silly, if you can hear me Dad I am smiling as I say it today.

My dad loved music, Country Music, that is one thing I picked up from him that never changed. We were always surrounded with it growing up, he'd have me and my sister sitting there in front of the tape player singing along with our favorite songs......

"This is Crazy Cowboy Jack coming to you from Petaluma Heights, Kansas City, Missouri, My kids are gonna do a few numbers for you today. Sheila's 12 and Michael's 8"

I can still hear that in my head like it was yesterday.


Another thing me and my dad had in common was a Love of Baseball and especially the Hometown Royals. I remember going out to the games with my dad and sitting in left field general admission. We would get there early and run down so we could have the front row. Cheering on George Brett, Frank White, Willie Wilson, one of my dad's favorite Players was Amos Otis he loved the way he could run a ball down in center field. My Dad loved to listen to the royals on the radio too. Even long after my dad could no longer hear the games on the radio he would watch them on TV. He would always complain that they showed to many replays on Home runs he always thought that they had hit another one then he would say, "OH, it's just a damn replay".


 Growing up as "Jack" Six's kid was quite the experience for sure, how many city kids have a Pony in their backyard, I would say not many, but I did. In fact at different times through out my childhood I would say our backyard was more like a "Barnyard". We had Ducks, Chickens, pigeons, rabbits, just about anything you could think of, even had a Goat once. I am sure my Mom had mixed feelings on all the animals, especially on those days when the Pony would get out and be in the neighbors yard while my Dad was at work, but when you are walking by someone selling baby ducks and 2 kids think they are so cute, and the fact that my dad wasn't gonna say no, well lets just say we ended up with our share up Baby Ducks through out the years.


My Dad wasn't the kind of guy that would come right out and say he Loved You, I in turn wasn't the kind of kid that would say it either, but I always knew my dad loved his kids alot, and I hope he knew we all Loved him too. In the later years of my Dads life he had some health problems. Arthritis kept him in almost constant pain, and throat surgery a few years back had slowed him quite a bit. One of the most devastating things in my opinion, that happened to my dad was his total loss of hearing. As I mentioned earlier my Dad loved Music, whether singing, or just listening to it, Music brought alot of Joy to my Dad. I am sure that he would have enjoyed the last few years of his life more if he could have had Music in his life. His loss of hearing also made it very difficult to communicate with him, I can tell you from watching him, it is very tough when you can't hear what people are saying. One of the first things I thought of this morning after I heard that my dad had died was, he is no longer in any pain and he can hear again.


"This is Mike Six Signing off from Petaluma Heights, Kansas City, Missouri. Dad if you can hear me out there tonight as you are listening to your favorite music, sing along with one for me.

Love You Dad.

"Crazy Cowboy Jack" he was no "Carbon Copy".