Top Ten reasons why I can Handle Michelle's apartment.
10.  I Always carry my Cell phone so if I get trapped I could call for Help.
9. I worked at Wal-mart for 6 years nothing compares to the mess when you open the back of a truck that has been driven 200 miles with 60 gallons of paint stacked on top of light bulbs.
8. I once read an Indian book on Smoke signals, so I could start a fire and get help that way.
7. I once took a class on defensive walking so I should be able to avoid most hazards.
6. I am a highly trained mountain climber, I never leave the house without a Climbing rope.
5. I always wear shoes that have excellent traction.
4. I am used to messes I haven't cleaned house in 6 years.
3. I have seen the Movie Twister a 100 times, I have picked up a few tips on how to handle Debris. 
2. If I do get trapped at least I can maybe learn something before I die by reading some of the Lesson Plans.
And the #1 reason I can Handle Michelle's Apartment....
Three Words...Fresh Tetanus Shots!!

                                                                      List Created by: Mike Six