Top Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn't Come Into Michelle's Apartment

10. You must first pass a physical to prove that
you can jump over objects.

9. If you come in, you might want to sit down and that
    ain't happening.

8. I'm saving your life; in case of a fire you're a goner.

7. If you come in, I may not be able to find you.

6. My lesson plans are written in the dust and you
    may disturb them.

5. It looks like chaos to you, but I know where
    everything is.

4. The Fire Marshal won't allow visitors. No exits.

3. If you step on my school stuff, I might have
   to hurt you.

2. Just when you get used to the "maze" she moves
    things to keep you guessing.

And the number 1 reason not to go into Michelle's apartment is:

She doesn't want to tarnish the "perfect image" that you have of her.

                                                                                                              Written by Jennifer B.