July 2007 National Parks Vacation

A 2 week long vacation to many of the country's most famous and beautiful National Parks and other interesting locations along the way, made possible by the amazing generosity of Michelle's parents, Michael and Joan Collins. Thank you both so much for an experience that we will never forget.

Place Date
First stop The World Famous "Corn Palace" of Mitchell, SD 7/12/2007
Next up Prairie Homestead    Philip, SD 7/13/2007
Moving on to "The Badlands National Park" Interior, SD 7/13/2007
Next up Wall Drug in Wall, SD 7/13/2007
Next up the infamous wild west town of Deadwood, SD 7/13/2007 Through 7/15/2007
Moving along to the "Crazy Horse Memorial" in the Black Hills of South Dakota 7/14/2007
Now we'll take a ride on the 1880 Train in Hill City, SD 7/14/2007
Next up "Mount Rushmore National Memorial" Keystone, SD 7/14/2007
Now on to "Glacier National Park" Montana 7/16/2007 Through 7/18/2007
Next up "Great Bear Adventure" Hungry Horse, MT 7/18/2007
Now on to a symbol of the old American west Cody, WY 7/18/2007 Through 7/21/2007
Next stop World famous "Yellowstone National Park" Wyoming 7/21/2007 Through 7/22/2007
Now on to, "Grand Teton National Park" Wyoming 7/22/2007 Through 7/23/2007
Next Stop a place called "Jackson Hole" Jackson, WY 7/24/2007
Now on to Cheyenne, WY

For "Frontier Days"

7/24/2007 Through 7/25/2007
Next up "Fort Laramie National Historic Site" Fort Laramie, WY 7/26/2007
and the last stop, "Chimney Rock National Historic Site" Bayard, NE 7/26/2007

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