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The People that surround me


The greatest blessings in life, are the people that surround you.

People whom without, you don't know what you'd do.


I'm so lucky to be blessed with just such people,

If I could take a minute I'd like to recognize a few.


My Mother is a Saint, she has earned that name.

always putting other first, sometimes it's almost  a shame.


She has always been my rock, through thick and thin,

no matter what crazy mess, I was mixed up in.


then there's my FiancÚ we're such a perfect match,

she's so wonderful and sweet what a terrific catch.


I sure haven't seen it, but she must have a flaw.

I have even been blessed, with the world's greatest  in-laws.


All my family and my friends I know they always have my back,

So If you have a beef with me, you'd best think twice before attack.


Written by: Mike Six 5-20-06