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Another Day

It's just another day and it's starting off real slow.

With my alarm clock going off, but I can't force myself to go.

So I snooze it one more time, then a second and a third

Till the voices in my head are loud enough they're finally heard.

Now I'm up and on my feet

but I won't have time to shave.

So one more day I'm on the run,

and looking like a train yard bum.


But today is the last day at the end of one more week,

and when this trucks back in the garage,

I'll try to get the rest I seek.

I know the weekend will go fast

and my to-do list will be long,

But I'll just do the best I can before the time is gone.

I know next week I'll have this plan, the same plan I've had before

It will be to get more rest, So I will be awake at four.

Now I have heard folks talk about,

the road to hell and how it's paved.

But my intentions are so good,

I think I will find time to shave.

Written by: Mike Six 8/26/2006