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Lifelong Dance


I always knew that I was one to settle down,

Not one to spend my nights out running 'round all over town.


Finding you took so much longer than I thought,

but the second that we met I knew one day we'd tie the knot.


Settle down and build our love between four walls,

there'd be ups and downs along the way but together we would not fall.


When I think about you baby, I know what love is all about,

What we have built will last forever, you know of this I have no doubt.


When I look into your eyes, I can see into your heart,

The feelings are so true and strong that they could never fall apart.


Now anytime you give your love, you have to know you take a chance.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose with us we've won a Lifelong Dance.


Some folks just walk through life and never know what love feels like,

but dancing through life with you baby, it's so much more than just a hike.


Now all the Riches in the world, wouldn't make me trade this dance,

and everyday I spend with you, makes me so glad we took that chance.


Written By: Mike Six 5/19/06 For my wonderful fiancÚ Michelle