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Christmas Through a Child's Eyes

It's that special time again,

that I remember from my past.

Back when it took forever coming,

then when it got here went to fast.

Back in the days of mystery,

and what could be inside that box.

Through a child's eyes I'd stare at it,

trying to estimate it's size.

Might be a game, Might be a truck, Or a plane that really flies.

Those were the days of innocence,

Santa and his reindeer powered sleigh.

Days of getting up too early,

to greet this special day.

Back before it started coming way before the pumpkins leave,

but no I won't get started, this song is not about pet peeves.

For me we'd always decorate the tree,

after the parade thanksgiving day.

It was the kickoff to the season,

you know there was no other way.

You know the season is still special,

and it still makes me smile.

But it turns out some of the magic can only be seen by a child.

So if it get too crazy,

and you just can't keep up the pace.

Just look into a child's eyes,

you'll see the magic on their face.

Written by: Mike Six 10/25/2006