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 For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with song lyrics Country music has always been a part of my life my parents instilled that in me and I have never lost my love for the music. I have always wanted to try my hand a songwriting so recently I decided to give it a try what follows are the first songs that I have written along with MP3's of me singing the songs, now keep in mind I am not a professional songwriter or a singer and even the best singers will find it hard to sing without musical accompaniment but it's my best and I am really enjoying it.

Name of Song Click for lyrics Date song was written
Aging at the Speed of Life 5/9/06
Why things Happen 5/11/06
Lifelong Dance 5/19/06
The People that Surround Me 5/20/06
The only time I love you 5/21/06
I'm Not Behind the 8 Ball 7/28/06
Another Day 8/26/2006
Christmas Through a Child's Eyes 10/25/2006